Monday, April 20, 2009

Past Life Reading Giveaway

Here is my next giveaway, a past life reading through the Tarot. This is something that I am going to start offering in my etsy shop so I figured it would be the perfect item to offer here first.
Reincarnation has long been one of the esoteric tarot's hidden teachings and is the perfect tool to aid with recalling past lives.
In 2005, ABC did a story on a 6 yr. old boy named James Leininger. His family believed he was the reincarnation of James M. Huston, Jr. a world war 2 fighter pilot. A number of people, including Huston's own sister have been convinced by the vivid details the boy recalls from his life and death.
Some people believe that stories like these are proof of the reality of reincarnation, others claim these memories are nothing more then dreams or vivid fanatasies. What do you believe?
I do believe in past lives and have had glimpses of what I can only assume are my own past life through meditation and astral travel.
If you are interested in exploring your past life then comment on this post and let me know why you would like to have this reading done.
I will be picking a winner for this one within the next week or so, I know I usually give more time then that but I am looking forward to performing this reading...:)
I will include a picture of your layout along with your layout explanation. These will be sent to you via email. I will need your full name (given at birth) and your date of birth.
I look forward to hearing from you all.
Brightest Blessings,

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spending Time With Faeries

With Spring in mind I thought an entry about the faeries would be appropriate.


Faeries love nature as much as Witches and will occasionally manifest in it, although their ability to stay there is as limited as our ability to remain long in the astral. And because of the deep archetypal association of faeries and nature, many witches new at faery contact find that a natural setting better facilitates faery sightings and contact whether in a shifted or normal waking state of consciousness.


Shifted state contacts with faeries are often easier in natural surroundings because this is where both your conscious and subconscious minds have been conditioned to believe you will find them. Remember however that if you are disturbed while in a meditative state, you will probably be unpleasantly jolted back into yourself -a metaphor for a quick return to waking consciousness. This will not cause you any harm, but such interruptions repeated over time can cause your subconscious to become leery of the process, making it harder for you to achieve the state of mind you seek.
Wide awake faery sightings are much harder to achieve even by those skilled in the art, and you will have better success if you use a light, eyes partially opened trance. Remember that the Fae, like woodland animals, have every reason to be distrustful of human motives and are not likely to just walk up to you.


To successfully find faeries in natural outdoor settings, one must first find a quiet and secluded spot to relax and where few other humans are likely to be at that time.
Next, you must find the sort of places where faeries are likely to be found.
Finally, you must offer some sort of inducement for them to manifest in the physical world, such as a bowl of milk or a bit of fresh butter. The first two of these things have a profound effect on how, and how well, your mind is programmed for faery sightings, and the last is just common sense.


Faery mounds are traditionally the homes of faeries throughout much of the world and would be a good place to start your search. The best time to approach a faery mound is mid summer while wearing protective charms. Faeries are very active at this time and are known to revel for days to and just after this Sabbat. To see a faery at midsummer, go to a faery mound and if it is possible, place yourself in a light trance. Tap on the side of the mound lightly three times and request it to open for you in the name of the Goddess. Then stand back and see what happens.
Faery rings, faery trails, and faery islands are popular faery sites, but they are also the ones most fraught with danger. However, a little common sense can untangle many of these murky legends for us.
A faery ring is a dark ring of grass, perfectly round and distinctly deeper in color then the grass which surrounds it. This is another of those freaks of nature which no scientist has ever been adequately able to explain. Pagans have long believed them to be the faeries magick circles, and numerous reports of faery rituals and revels within them have been chronicled.
A faery trail, or path, is like a faery ring except it is a long trail of dark grass rather then a circle. Often the trail goes on for miles, and again, there is no scientific explanation for it. These trails are believed by pagans to be the paths taken by the trooping faeries on their Rades.
If you wish to see faeries in a faery circle or on a faery path, sit at a respectful distance and slow and focus your thoughts. You might even request aloud to be permitted to see the faeries if they are there. Announce yourself as a fellow worshipper of the Old Gods and Goddesses, and as a friend who intends them no harm.


Remember that faeries as a whole cannot be summoned at will, nor controlled by egotistical magicians. They are sentient, living beings who are sensitive, and they deserve our respect.
I hope you have enjoyed this entry and been inspired to seek out the Fae on your own.
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Brightest Blessings,
The Celtic Witch