Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Flower Magick

As fall rushes in and I finish the last of my harvesting from my summer garden I look for things that are growing this time of year. Fall brings us an abundance of magickal items to collect, many found at your local gardening store or right in your own neighborhood.
I thought I would share some of these items with you and their magickal uses.

Chrysanthemums~ In flower magick this flower invokes protection. At this time of year as we come closer to Samhain when the veil between the world is thin this is a handy flower. This flower is available in many colors and each color carries its own magickal meaning.

Red~ love
Yellow~ joy and cheer
Purple~ power and passion
White~ invokes truth
Bronze~encourages a happy and peaceful home

Think about setting some of this flower out in pots around your home to invoke their own powers and here is a charm you can use while performing this:

"The chrysanthemum is a magickal flower indeed,
It brings love, joy, and protection with all possible speed.
In this season of Autumn, I spin this fall flower spell,
Believe in this natural magick and all will be well."

The Chinese brew a tea from the flowers to reduce fevers.
You could separate the petals of this flower and sprinkle them to stop an argument and to calm fiery tempers.
Sprinkle the flower heads into a warm bath to get rid of a bad mood.
Mums are also the flower of choice for decorating your altar for autumn rituals.

What is fall without pumpkins? The original idea behind jack-o-lanterns was to frighten evil spirits away. Its a good idea to incorporate a pumpkin into a spell to remove or block any negativity or bad luck that may be surrounding you or your home. Carve your pumpkin into any witchy design that you like, place a black candle inside and as you light the candle repeat this charm three times:

"Bright pumpkin that glows and candle of black,
Send bad luck away, turn negativity back.
By all the enchantment of three times three,
Lady hear my spell, Blessed Be."

Here are some other late summer and fall blooming flowers to keep your eye out for to use in your Flower Magick...

~ Morning Glory (Ipomoea) - The morning glory is an old-fashioned, fall-blooming annual vine.
I have this flower surrounding my home, it grows on my lamppost, my stair railings, my fence and on my garden trellis. It is one of my favorites and the colors are vibrant and beautiful.
It is available in a wide range of colors from white, pastel shades of pink, and blue to true blue and deep purple. In the language of flowers, the morning glory “greets the new day.” Also any truly blue flowers are sacred to the goddess Aphrodite. For flower fascinations, use the blue blossoms for love, peace, and for promoting mental health. The morning glory is associated with the planet Saturn, which means that foliage, vines, and blossoms can and be incorporated into protection spells. Try the deeper blue and purple colored varieties to safeguard your home or property. Morning glories grow well in full to part sun. Be sure to keep them well watered during the hot, dog days of late summer.

~Aster (aster hybrids.) - The flower of the Goddess. Also known as Michaelmas daisies, asters come in gorgeous shades of blue, white, pink, and purple. The aster is sacred to most of the Greek pantheon, and attracts butterflies to your yard. I have the purple variety in my yard and they are still blooming now. According to flower folklore the aster conveys the message of variety, delicacy, and patience. Incorporate asters into spells and charms to enhance loving vibrations and healthy emotions. Adding these beautiful flowers to your garden brings love and contentment to your entire household. The aster prefers a sunny location and likes moist, well-drained soil. USA cold hardiness zones 4-9

~ Black-eyed-Susans (Rudbeckia) - These drought-tolerant perennials thrive in sunny spots and are a wonderful addition to any garden by providing bold splashes of golden color from summer through fall. I have a few of these still blooming but not for much longer however they did bloom just about all summer and they are a joy to look at.
In the language of flowers they symbolize “justice.” So they would be ideal to add to any spells where this was an issue. The seed heads of the black-eyed-Susan's are attractive to songbirds, so don’t cut these back in the late fall, let the birds have them. USA cold hardiness zones 4-9

~Autumn Clematis (Clematis paniculata) - In the language of flowers, the clematis stands for the beauty of the mind and ingenuity. Work a tiny blooming cluster or two this fall into enchantments that call for a little cleverness and resourcefulness. This free-flowering vine blooms in tiny snow-white clusters of fragrant blossoms in the autumn months. The 15-25 foot vines are aggressive and grow quickly, so keep it trained on an arbor or fence. If it starts to get away from you, it can be clipped back to a manageable size in the spring. This plant blooms on new growth, in the fall. USA cold hardiness zones 4-8

~Pansies (Viola) - These cool-temperature-loving flowers are sacred to Eros/Cupid. Pansies have many folk names including, kiss-me-at-the-garden-gate, love-in-idleness, Johnny jump-ups, and heart’s ease. According to legend, the god Eros accidentally shot one of his love-inducing arrows into the pansy, causing it to smile. The happy face of the pansy has been grinning ever since. These sassy, multi-colored flowers are incorporated into garden witchery spells and charms for easing a broken heart and for spreading cheer. Pansies are wonderful in the garden or tucked into pots and containers for seasonal color. If planted in the ground in the fall and then mulched with leaves in early winter, pansies will bloom again the following spring. Here’s a fun Garden Witch tip; during the fall months look for the “Trick or Treat” variety. These pansies are a mixture of orange, black and purple colors, and absolutely enchanting to add to your garden just in time for Halloween/ Samhain.
My next blog will of course be devoted to Samhain as it if my favorite holiday. I will also be running a Samhain contest for a free Oracle Reading. Details coming soon...
Until then brightest blessings and I wish you all well,
The Celtic Witch


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