Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Product Giveaway

It's time for a Magickal Enchantments product giveaway. With Spring around the corner I decided on a package of my Organic Magickal Morning Glory Seeds to share with my lovely readers. I want you all to know how much I appreciate the time each of you take to read my postings and taking the time to comment on them as well. I enjoy reading all your posts so keep them coming!
These seeds are from my own garden. I am an organic gardener, I use no pesticides in my garden at all.
I collect and harvest my plants and seeds during the correct moon phases for each plant to be at its best.
These plants are my babies and each seed and bloom is lovingly collected and cured until it is ready to be sent to you to bring its beauty to your home.
The pictures are all from my garden and the seeds will be a mixture of the colors pictured. They are truly enchanting and endearing flowers and one of my favorites. It is an honor for me to share them with you. May they bring your home beauty, protection and happiness.

My Morning Glories have a lovely mixture of purple, dark blue, light blue, pink and white blooms. You will receive over 100 seeds in your packet along with directions on how to plant and care for your Morning Glories.
Morning Glories are a beautiful and magickal plant. They grow quickly and bring so much beauty to any area. I have them on my lightpost, growing on the rails on my stairs, on my fence and my trellis.
Morning Glories are also known for their protective qualities so plant them around your home to keep away negativity.

In magick this enchanting plant brings clarity of sight and is said to help with nighmares. The morning glory can be used to bind, banish, or promote attraction to someone or something. The morning glory vines are used to wrap around a poppet nine times to banish evil people. Monks decorated their manuscripts with pictures of Morning Glories. The seeds were used by Aztec priests along with ashes of poisonous insects, tobacco, and live insects for a body rub before sacrifices to make the victim fearless.
Today, the Mazatecs grind the seed in a metate, wrap the meal in a linen bag, and soak it in cold water. The decoction is fairly potent and provides a curandera (healer) with information about the illness possessing the patient. It is also used to locate lost objects.

I will anounce the winner of this giveaway in March so do not forget to become a Magickal Enchantments Blog Follower and to leave a comment or two on the blogs.
Winner will be chosen randomly.
Brightest Blessings,
The Celtic Witch


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Secret of Manifesting Wealth

One of the secrets of manifesting wealth is the acceptance of energy in the form of money for the energy that you put out. If you have resistance towards the idea of having to pay for something or towards others asking for payment, then you are limiting yourself from receiving money for anything that you do, since
you think you should be providing it for free. This is the reason why many people remain poor financially when they could gain a lot monetarily for what they have to offer. They’re limiting themselves.

The truth is everything is available for free. No one actually owns anything because it is all part of the universe. Ownership is an idea where people agree what belongs to who and what rights do they have regarding it. Ownership of anything is all based on agreement between consciousness. When there is conflict of consciousness, people fight and take from each other by force against the will. When there is harmony of consciousness, people willingly agree in sharing or exchanging ownership of things.

The purpose of business is in the organization and promotion of things. When we buy a bottle of water, we are not paying for the bottle or the water because nature supplies the water and what the bottle is made up of. We are paying for the work done in obtaining the raw materials, putting them together, marketing it and handling it to us. All this takes work and therefore those that do all the work for us so that we can experience such things without doing any of the work, receive money in exchange.

Money is only an idea to represent how much value you have provided for others. That is why ill gotten gains do not last because the universe is always reflecting what you do. When you take money without providing real value, money will be taken from you without giving you real value. When you provide lots of
value for others, you are meant to receive lots of money so that you can use it to receive value from others that is yours to rightfully experience. Then you are better able to provide even more value.

People who have resistance towards giving money in exchange for the value that others provide also have resistance towards receiving money from others for the value they provide. That is because they see money as scarce and limited. They want to increase the abundance of others by giving to them, but if they take anything in return, they would cause a decrease. But that very perception is oxymoronic, because they are still seeing lack in the person even when they are trying to express abundance.

All conditions in life are created by consciousness. You manifest exactly what you perceive. If you try to express abundance towards another while seeing lack in them, you will perpetuate conditions of lack in your experience with them. In order to experience abundance, you have to perceive abundance. If your
world really was abundant, then you’d expect that others have more than enough to give to you for what you give to them, and you’d receive joyfully knowing that they’ll keep having more themselves.

That is why people who have wealth consciousness keep getting wealthier compared to the rest of the world. They have the freedom to charge for whatever they do according to the amount they believe it is worth, even when it is to people who try to tell them they are charging too much, or should not be charging at all. It is because wealth conscious people perceive their reality as abundant and do not allow themselves to be affected be the perceptions of those that come from a limited consciousness.

If everyone in this world was wealth conscious and freely gave money to others and freely received it when it is appropriate, then everyone would be as wealthy as they could be. This is because energy would flow freely and hence everyone would be able to experience what they desire without holding back from paying for it, and others would not hold back from paying them for what they contribute.

The economy would be much smoother and the progress of the entire world would advance extremely fast. The state of the health of a body depends on the circulation of blood. The blood transports nutrients to the cells and transports waste away from them. The better the circulation the better the health will be. The
state of the wealth of a nation depends on the flow of the economy. Money helps to move the things that we want to us, and helps to move what we have to offer to others. Both health and wealth are really different forms of the same thing called well being, which depends on free flowing of energy.

Stop holding back paying for something you know will contribute to your progress. The more unlimited you become, the faster you will achieve everything you desire in life. Stop holding back offering your value for payment because when you make others pay for what you offer, you are allowing them to express abundance as well. You are perceiving them as having the money to pay and also the willingness to give it to you. You are saying that you are worth giving money to and others have money to give.

Since the flow of money is the flow of value, you should facilitate as much flow as possible in order to facilitate as much flow of value. Be flexible in your pricing of things in both directions. Set your price at a level where it is able to make the best amount of sales for the best amount of profits so that you and others would gain the best. If you under price or overprice, you are undervaluing yourself and others.

Because you are saying that you are not worth it or others are not good enough for what you are offering. Have a wealth consciousness by believing there is plenty of money to go around, because there really is. The world is awash in money. It is like Niagara falls. It is flowing for everyone but most of you are showing up with teaspoons. If you saw the world from a perspective of abundance, you would see that others have abundance of money to give to you and never have lesser for themselves. You would be willing to take as much as you desire freely and by doing so, you free others to take more for themselves.

Enoch Tan

Of course, let's keep in mind that a little magickal intervention never hurts either...:)