Sunday, March 29, 2009

~Blog Winners~

I picked three winners for my latest giveaway of Magickal Morning Glory Seeds.

I very much appreciate all of my followers and I want you all to know that.

The winners of the latest giveaway are:

~Ava from Handmade By Ava~

Ava has a lovely shop on etsy, stop by and check out her fabulous creations.

Here is a little about Ava:

"I have been creating jewelry for about 4 years and started selling my creations around 2 years ago. I really enjoy creating and use it as a chance to recollect and gain some much needed perspective. I am a mom of three, a full-time student. "

~Sarah from Cottage Garden Studio~

Sarah has a lovely shop on etsy as well and she offers wonderful items. Take a few moments to check out her enchanting wares at:

Here is a little about Sarah:

"My Etsy shop is Cottage Garden Studio. I offer my whimsical art and my husband’s fine mineral specimens. We are from the beautiful Northwest United States - Idaho to be exact. I've been an artist & teacher most of my life. I offer a variety of subjects including holiday art. I am very fond of Fall and Halloween. I also work in several mediums, acrylics, colored pencil and pen & polymer clay. You will also find some lovely mineral specimens in my shop. They are from the collection of my Dear Half Jim. He digs, collects, trades and sells these amazing pieces. They make wonderful display pieces or to compliment any altar. "

And last but not least Hibiscus Moon...:)

Please check out her blog at:

She has a great blog with lots of great info and a wonderful way with words that will keep you reading.

Thanks to all of my followers and I will be offering another giveaway soon! Of course, if there is something you would like to see offered feel free to drop me a line. I would love to hear what products you would all like to see offered as a product giveaway.

Brightest Blessings to all!
Pictured item in this blog is one of latest additions to my shop.
It is an Herbal Kitchen Witch Charm and you can view this item by following this link:


Hibiscus Moon said...

Thank you once again for this. I can't wait to get the seeds. :)

Happy Sunday.

Unknown said...

Oh hon thank you so much for posting this!!! I just got the seeds and will be pimping you today!!! My son was so excited - he loves morning glories!!! Have a wonderful day!!! BB, Sarah

Magickal Enchantments said...

You are most welcome ladies...:)
I am so pleased that you are happy with them and I look forward to hearing about the joy they bring you.