Sunday, December 27, 2009

The holidays are over!

Greetings to all. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I have to say that I am relieved to be able to get back to normal. The stress of the holidays is so draining!
I first want to remind everyone that you have less then a week to enter my latest giveaway for the Custom Spirituality Kit. Please remember that to be eligible you have to be a follower of my blog, you have to blog or tweet about the giveaway as well as telling me why this is a good giveaway for you.
With that said, I would like to tell you about my new items that I am sooo excited about as well as the work I recently did on my besom. I recently participated in a trade with a wonderful ETSY seller. Her shop is called EarthWrappedJewelry. I am in the middle of creating for her a Custom Spirituality Kit and in return she created some lovely items for me.
The 1st item is a beautiful Natural Quartz Druzy Geode Necklace.

This natural druzy geode slice is one of Mother Nature's finest. Light, white & yellow agate, with tiny quartz crystals. Mineral deposits are also visible. This druzy geode has lots of sparkle. Weaved with .999 Fine Silver wire on a Sterling Silver frame and comes on an 20" silver chain.

My second item is a Quartz Crystal Weaved Pendant with Amethyst Accents.
A large Quartz Crystal 45mm X 9mm x 7mm has been weaved with .999 fine silver. Small Amethyst rondelles have been added and really accent this crystal.

My third item is a Rainbow Moonstone Sterling Silver Pendant.
This beautiful Rainbow Moonstone has been weaved with a basket of fine silver. Stone is 10mm.

She also wire wrapped a lovely silver ring with an aqua marine bead. You can see this in the pics below.
The craftsmanship in EarthWrappedJewelry's items is unparallel. Each item is enchanting and magickal. They are all lovely additions to my metaphysical jewelry collection.
If you would like to check out her other wares please visit the link below.

I also decided that my trusty Besom needed a makeover. I have been thinking about it since I posted that blog about the use of besoms and how we Witches tend to neglect them at times. I have been guilty of that but no more! I put a lot of thought into this and finally decided to get to work. Once I decided what I wanted to do I got to work.

I added a nice quartz crystal to the tip of my besom and surrounded it with onyx, snowflake obsidian, dalmatian stone, and crystal chips.
The top of my besom has black velvet ribbon wrapped around it. I also atttached crystal chips to that. I then took purple and black ribbons and wrapped them around the length of my besom also adding some to dangle down the sides. I have a black velvet rose that wraps around the bottom of the wood handle as well. Around the twigs I also wrapped the black velvet ribbon and added clear and dark purple gems to the twigs as well.
At the top of my besom I added a cluster of beads and charms and for the handle I used black and white seed beads in patterns of six of course.
Forgive the pictures as my camera is broken and I have to rely on my video camera as my camera and it does not have a flash. So without further ado here is my new Besom....

And here is a pic of me with my new jewelry on performing a reading for an online client...:)

That is all for today. Again, don't forget to pass the word about the Custom Spirituality Kit giveaway. I look forward to seeing who wins. All names will be added to a hat and the winner will be picked randomly.
Brightest Blessings to all!


Laura said...

I just came upon your blog and love it! I hope you don't mind but I added you to my blog roll so I can easily come back and see visit. :)

Have a Happy New Year!

Laura said...

Oops I just reread my comment and noted I needed to proofread it before posting. I meant to say I could easily come back and visit. It turns out I couldn't add you to my blogroll because it wouldn't save and I'm not sure why. In any case, I look forward to reading your blog often.


Anonymous said...

The jewelry and the broom looks lovely. Thanks for sharing.


Bridgett said...

It's so nice to see you're smiling face! How beautiful you are!

I want your besom, btw. Care to make me one? :D


Hope you have a blessed 2010!

Magickal Enchantments said...

Aaawww Bridgett, you are to sweet..:)
I appreciate the compliment.
I would love to make you your own Besom, anytime sweets. I greatly enjoy custom orders.
I hope everyone took advantage of the Blue Moon last night! I should have taken a picture of all the items I charged on my deck lol. Every crystal and metaphysical piece of jewelry was out there as well as the Moon Water and Dragons Blood! It took me forever to take it all out and then in again when it was done. I loved every minute of it though..:)
I will announce the winner of the Spirituality Kit later on today after we pick the name out of the hat.
Brightest Blessings for a wonderful 2010!