Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pagan Pride Day 2009

Yesterday was the Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day and I stopped in for a bit intending to treat myself with a little something. Last year I was a vendor however this year I did not participate as a vendor but I didnt want to miss out on the day.
It was a beautiful day weather wise, the sky was blue, there was a nice breeze, and the energy floating around the event was wonderful. I got their early when they 1st opened at 10 am. Last year they gave away goody bags with samples but apparently there weren't any this year..:(.
While going through the stands I came across a Tarot deck that I have been wanting since its recent release. The Tarot of The Sweet Twilight. I purchased this from The Silver Willow which can be found in Rehoboth, MA. Their website is They have a wonderful assortment of Pagan items and the owners are warm and friendly.
The Sweet Twilight is a beautiful deck from Lo Scarabeo featuring the artwork of Christina Benintende. This deck is like no other I have owned or seen. The images on each card are enchanting. They invite you into a world full of mystery and beauty. While some of the images do have the key symbols, others do not making it a perfect deck for the intuitive reader.
The box that the deck comes in has the following poem by W.B.Yeats:
Out-worn heart, in a time out-worn,
Come clear of the nets of wrong and right:
Laugh heart again in the great twilight,
Sigh, heart, again in the dew of the morn.

I look forward to performing readings with this lovely and truly one of a kind deck.
I also purchased some new crystals. Two beautiful large chunks of rose quartz, a selenite tower, and two crystals to add to my Witchlets crystal collection. For her I purchased a lovely midnight blue goldstone in a heart shape and a pretty bunny carved from soapstone. She loved them both.
I came to see that my best purchase was my Selenite tower. Although I have a large collection of crystals I have never owned Selenite before. This crystal resonates with energy and is said to help one connect with their higher self and to become aware of our own divinity. It has many uses for healing and magick however the one I learned quickly was it's ability to aid with dream recall. I am someone that has trouble remembering my dreams and only once in a while will one stick with me till the morning. I am also a very deep sleeper and once I fall asleep I sleep like a rock till the morning. Last night I placed my selenite on my headboard shelf right above my pillow. Let me tell you, I awoke last night about 3 times from dreams! How I wish I had thought to place my journal next to me! I was to tired to get up and get it and of course I didn't remember them this morning. I look forward to working more with this crystal. It is said that Selenite was a healing tool in Atlantis. It can be used to scry into the past, present and future. Past life regression are also assisted with selenite. It increases sensitivity, greater insight, psychic development, mental clarity, and removes blockages. It is said to be perfect for accessing ancient knowledge. How did I only now purchase this wonderful crystal? Perhaps I was not ready for its power and now I am.
I also purchased Llewellyn's 2010 Witches Spell a Day Almanac, The Llewellyn's Sabbats Almanac for 2010, and The Witches Almanac for 2010. The Witches Almanac is based right here in Newport Rhode Island. Nice bunch of guys running that table. I can’t wait to start receiving their newsletter. Go check out their site at
I try to purchase these almanacs every year as they are full of wonderful stories, recipes, crafts, and lore. The Sabbats Almanac is a great almanac with crafts, lore, and recipes for each Sabbat. A definite addition to every Witches book supply. I personally love books and can’t get my hands on enough of them, especially older additions of anything related to the old ways.
I would also like to give a shout out to a local seller right here in my hometown of Johnston, R.I. Here name is Liz and she creates some wonderfully organic items. Liz is a certified herbalist and is friendly and more than happy to answer questions with her wealth of herbal knowledge. Check her out at
So, those were my treasures from Pagan Pride day.
Wishing everyone a great week.
The Celtic Witch


Pamela said...

How fun! I love the neat purchases you made.

I know there's a Pagan Pride Day down in Phoenix in October...but I won't be able to go due to previous commitments. Waah!

Bridgett said...

Oh, what I would give to have Pagan Pride Days in my area!

Everything you purchased was just so beautiful...but that tower. Oh my goodness. It's just stunning!

So happy for you to have found such incredible items.

I havae the Sabbats Almanac, by the way. :) Love it!


Bridgett said...

I received my package in the mail yesterday!!! :)

I opened it up and the smell...oh my was just out of this world. My daughter and I have been smelling everything constantly because it's all just so yummy.

Thank you SO MUCH for all the goodies.

We couldn't be more appreciative.


p.s. I'm writing all about it on my blog shortly too. :)

Tammie Lee said...

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful things. I will be taking a peak at these links.

the wandering broom said...

Wow! Your quartz crystals are huge! We had Pagan Pride Day in NYC too but it was beyond disappointing.

May I ask from which vendor did you purchase your crystals? Does she have a shop somewhere in that area? I can never find any crystals that size here in NYC (the shops here are also disappointing) but I go back to MA/RI frequently to visit friends and family so I'd really like to stop in at their shop if they have one? Thanks!

Magickal Enchantments said...

I do not remember the name of the vendor, I am so sorry. However, if you are looking for some quality crystals you should check out ETSY. There are a few great vendors of crystals on there. One girl has a great selection. The name of her shop is Rare Daisy and here is her link.
Hope that helps...:)