Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ta~Da, My New Wand!

I have finally completed my wand! I am so excited about it. When we went apple picking last month I collected some very nice apple branches. Once home I went through the braches and picked out a nice branch that felt just right in my hand. I peeled and sanded it. With a pencil I then drew some symbols on it that I wanted to wood burn. I am not an artist in any way so I kept the symbols simple. I am also new to wood burning so I was so scared to death to take that tool to my lovely wand that I almost didn't do it. I finally got up the courage last night to try it and I am quite pleased with the results seeing that it was my 1st time wood burning. I drew a pentacle at the top of the wand, a bit under that a Goddess with two crescent moons on each side of her, under that a triple moon, and at the bottom a god symbol. I drew swirls coming out of each symbol to run around the wand at a curve.
I then placed a lovely quartz point at the top and used a pretty purple ribbon at the top and bottom.
I chose my favorite charms and beads to adorn my wand and then used purple and white ribbon to hang down the side.
I am so happy with this wand that I can't put it down, lol. It feels so good in my hand, it was meant for me. I also burned my initials on the very bottom of the wand.
Here are some pics:

I would love to hear your thoughts and stories of how you all made your own wands.
I hope to get around to making one for my shop soon. I also have some lovely white birch branches that I collected a while back intending to make a wand from them as well.
Wishing everyone a bright and blessed weekend.
I added some new items to my shop if anyone would like to take a peek. I created a Peaceful Sleep Kit, a Peaceful Sleep Spell Candle, and some Sleep Incense that I will be listing this weekend.
Blessed Be!


Rue said...

This is really gorgeous!

Checking out your shop later...

Wendy said...

What a beautiful wand! A friend of mine liked to collect branches from my backyard (before I left the states) to make wands. I love making them or purchasing handmade wants - not the mass processed kind.

Bridgett said...

That is a truly beautiful wand! You did a very good job.

I haven't made one yet...still debating about the type of wood I want to try and use.